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The Education Committee invites you to a fresh and interactive session bringing together young and senior experts on Monday, 25 September from 4pm.
William Plant will set the tone for the session with his keynote on Modern Education. Right afterwards, a special Storyteller will spark the discussion before participants split into 3 groups and get moving – literally!
Led by 3 Captains, during the Freudian Walk the groups will focus on learning, communicating and sharing, starting from real-life human and professional experience.
The destination of the Freudian Walk is the beach where the Campfire will take place, and where the group discussion will go on. The final wrap-up will result in a “post” to be addressed to the ESOT Leadership, providing further insights for the Congress closing session on Wednesday. Don’t miss this energizing session: come join us and share your experience!

This session is the

of the Young Professionals’ Journey at #ESOT2017.

Stay tuned to learn more on the other steps of this journey – more information coming soon!




This year’s record-breaking abstract submissions made the #StrongerTogether competition even tougher than expected! Now that the submission is closed, we are thrilled to announce that the winner is

ERASMUS MEDICAL CENTER (Rotterdam, the Netherlands),

Which submitted the largest group of abstracts coming from a single institution.
The award winners will be celebrated on Tuesday, 26th September from 19:30 to 20:15 in the Rising Stars Lounge.
Our warmest thanks go to the European National Transplant Societies that supported this award, and to all transplant centres, hospitals, and institutions that participated in this competition, showing that we are always #StrongerTogether!

Here are the top 10 institutions: have a look and find out how your institution ranked!



ESOT OpporTunities image campaign: have you entered yet?


Entries are closing soon for the ESOT2017 image competition. Make sure you submit your images before July 13th for a chance to share them with the European transplant community at the ESOT Congress this September!
Submit your entries today!






Stay tuned to the Congress website for the latest news about #ESOT2017:


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