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The #ESOT2017 Congress includes an exciting new type of presentation: the Elevator Pitch! These brief talks challenge speakers to present science in a unique and simple way: participants have 60 seconds and a single slide to cover their topic in brief to a judging panel. The best speakers are then granted an additional 4 minutes to present their topic in more depth to the crowd.

Join us on:

Sunday 24th September at 5:45 pm
Monday 25th September at 1:00 pm
Monday 25th September at 5:05 pm
Tuesday 26th September at 11:10 am
Tuesday 26th September at 4:00 pm
Tuesday 26th September at 6:40 pm

to enjoy these brief presentations and find out who’s Elevator Ready!



The coolest clinical trials in transplantation at #ESOT2017




Following our range of Specialty Symposia, #ESOT2017 will kick off with a session that highlights the large-scale clinical trials currently funded by the European Commission. You’ll hear from participants in a number of clinical trials, including Bio-DrIM, ONE, EUROSTAM, BIOMARGIN and COPE, followed by an interactive panel discussion.

Join us at 11:20 am on Sunday 24th September for this special session! There are limited seats. Reserve your space now by clicking here!



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Stay tuned to the Congress website for the latest news about #ESOT2017:




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